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The Cycle of Seasons
For Pre-School Age Children

Photo of Little Boy with a FlowerPre-school age children are at a pivotal point in their musical development. This makes choosing activities for your child that much more difficult, given the number of things available to this age child. In The Cycle of Seasons children will enjoy using all of their senses to discover the world around them. They will delight in discovering the wonder that nature provides on a daily basis - the life cycle of a dandelion or a frog; the preparation and hard work of planting a garden, and the satisfaction when it begins to thrive; the magical way the wind carries a leaf up and down and around and around until it finally settles down to become part of the earth once again.

In addition to singing, playing instruments, purposeful movement activities, and focused listening, the children are learning the language of music. In each class the children echo a series of tonal and rhythm patterns. These patterns are found in the singing repertoire, and they will be the first patterns the children will learn to read in music notation in the coming years.

Finally, The Cycle of Seasons acknowledges the fact that your child is excited by his/her recently acquired verbal skills! Most pre-school children love to talk, and is it any wonder? They have just figured out the art of persuasion - just by putting their thoughts into words! The Cycle of Seasons takes this into consideration and nurtures the child's language development through storytelling and poetry.

All children are musical, but their musical aptitude will diminish if it is not nurtured. All children delight in nature. All children love stories and the rhythm and rhymes of poetry. These facts alone make The Cycle of Seasons the right choice for your child. Add to that the fact that all children need to be engaged in purposeful movement to eventually control their ever changing and growing bodies, and your choice will become clear:

Come join our Cycle of Seasons class. You'll be glad you did!

Cycle of Seasons classes are offered at Four Stars Gymnastics Academy in Antioch, CA.

Do you need us to come to you? Mobile Musikgarten is also available through Four Stars.

Please call (925)778-8650 or (925) 628-7602
or email 4starsgymnastics@sbcglobal.net for more information.